Target SSO

Target SSO is a single sign-on service offered by Target stores. Target has many other retail brands and shops across the country, but in order to manage them, they have created Targetpayandbenefit portal. employees and associates of the target can use one single login ID to access their information online. This feature provides many benefits to employees as now they don’t need to remember several login id and password to access their employment information. Read this article to find how Target SSO works and how to log in with target user ID on any target portal.

What is Target SSO?

SSO or Single sign-on is a credential type that allows users to access multiple websites or portals with just one account. Target SSO provides the same benefits, however, it allows different shops and members of Target to access their work station, Targetpayandbenefit portal and target app with just one single user ID and password. When any new employees join the company, they receive a single credential to access their workstation, target employee ID. They need to register first and create a SSO user ID and password.

How to Register with Target SSO?

  • Visit the official target member website at Targetpayandbenefits
  • Now select the new user option from log-on page
  • Now enter your employment detail and create an account with Target employee login portal
  • Then create a user ID and password

This User ID and password are target SSO which will allow users to access any websites or services offered to target employees including Targetpayandbenefit portal.

How to Access Targetpayandbenefit with Target SSO?

  • Visit the official website of Targetpayandbenefit
  • Now enter your user ID first
  • Then write down your password
  • Click on the log-on button and now you can access the target employee login portal


Target SSO offers employees the freedom to access their information on the target employee login portal without remembering multiple usernames and passwords. In this article, we have provided information about how target SSO works and how to access Targetpayandbenefit with target SSO credentials. If you have any questions regarding target SSO, ask us in the comment section.